Here’s The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

Since starting this 30 Day Happiness Challenge here on the blog and via email, I’ve been a lot more aware of the happiness of the people around me. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. It is causing me to … Read More

Would It Not Be Nice To Trade Things For Experiences?

We live in a material society where our main goal seems to be to acquire more stuff. We buy bigger cars, bigger houses, and of course, lots and lots of stuff to fill these houses. The idea is that we … Read More

Meditating Your Way To A Happier You!

Stress is such a buzz kill. Nothing will bring you down quicker than feeling stressed out. It keeps you from sleeping well, staying productive, and getting in a good mood. It only makes sense than that reducing stress increases happiness. … Read More

Do You Have A Happy Support System?

Moods are contagious. If you’re around a bunch of sad and depressed people, you’ll start to feel down. If on the other hand you are in a group of happy people, you can’t help but start to smile. It makes … Read More

What Makes You Happy?

In yesterday’s post we started talking about happiness and you started thinking about what makes you happy. It was part of our commitment to happiness. Today we’re going to dig a little deeper. There are a lot of things that … Read More

Possibilities are Endless When You Live with Intention!

  Energy unconnected does nothing; it is only when it is used, properly directed, that it accomplishes things. SOM pg. 315 Do you have a desire that you long to fulfill? Is there a special goal or achievement that you … Read More

Before Your Were Born…

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IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT a time before your birth when you were wandering the heavens as a dis-incarnate soul. You were immersed in the beauty, peace, and harmony of paradise when a call went out for volunteers to incarnate in … Read More

Tap Away Stress, Anxiety and Fear!

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Tony, we don’t mean to scare you, but there’s a spider right behind your back! The respectable man in his late forties, the manager of the store, jumps to his feet and frantically looks for the spider. The spider turns … Read More


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  Today regardless of the beliefs we hold, America is sick. You should be aware that the health care cost is well over a $1.5 TRILLION per year. Yes, we spend more on health care than the entire economies of … Read More

Want to Live Your Dream? The Key is to See it with Clarity and Know it’s a Living Idea!

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I’ve been in many situations in my life when I’ve reached a point where “I knew I’ve done all that I could possibly figure out to do.” And this, my friend, is a wonderfully freeing place to be. Why? Because … Read More

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