working with men and women

By working with Christy, she can help you “Move from Fear, to Faith, to Freedom. The Freedom to Be Your Authentic Self and Live Your Best Life NOW!

Christy works with busy men and women who are SERIOUS about LEARNING HOW TO DE-STRESS, RECONNECT and REDEFINE their LIFE.

What separates Christys’ services from other holistic and intuitive coaches is, SHE ONLY WORKS within the HOLISTIC MODEL, meaning the “SPIRIT MIND BODY CONNECTION, OUR UNITY WITH THE ONE LIFE!”

Most people are becoming aware of the Mind-Body Connection, but in TRUTH, we are mufti-dimensional beings, meaning, we are “Spirit and Mind and Body,” this is Our Divine Nature. What Christy calls the “Dance between Spirit, Consciousness, and Matter”.

A Counseling  session is a partnership between two equals. Christys’ relationship with her clients is based on the belief that we have everything within us that is needed for personal growth and Self-healing. You can start here with her Coaching Assessment

As a result from using these modalities and working with Christy, each client will:

  • Come to know and understand that there is a Power for Good in the Universe and We can use [IT].
  • Be able to create a deeper connection with this Power [IT].
  • Receive the tools necessary for personal growth and self-healing.
  • Have the FREEDOM to create the life of their dreams.

Best of all, the coaching pays for itself in the form of self-empowerment, more loving relationships, joy, purpose, and abundant life.


Absolute Alignment with Your Own Source Energy

means that You KNOW the following…Abraham Hicks

  • You are Free
  • You are Powerful
  • You are Good
  • You are Love
  • You have Value
  • All is Well


Not sure where to start or what’s holding you back?

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