Today I Say “YES” to Gratitude

Christy “Jo’s” Personal Story of Transformation

Christy has spent the last thirty-plus years learning the Philosophies of New Thought and the Metaphysical Sciences, stepping stones, on her path to becoming an Ordained New Thought Minister and Spiritual MidWife.

She co-owned and operated a Holistic Center and Metaphysical Bookstore called the Healing Quest. Opening Day was one of the proudest moments in her life!

However, things did not go as planned. Within two years she had to walk away from the center, something she had spent many years preparing for, so she could start her own business. It felt like losing a child, which brought her to her knees, asking “Why?”

She discovered her own spiritual path during this challenging period in her life. She went through a period of confusion and feeling lost, unsure of her purpose. Through self-reflection, meditation, and seeking guidance from mentors, she eventually found her calling as a spiritual coach. Christy “Jo” has studied various spiritual practices, including prayer, meditation, energy healing, and the Science of Mind philosophy. She deeply understands the struggles many face in finding their purpose and is passionate about helping them uncover their true potential.

Born out of the Healing Quest (her personal healing journey)

Rev. Christy “Jo” has dedicated her practice to helping people break down internal barriers (beliefs about God and Life). She does this by assisting others in KNOWING their INNER VOICE so they may be GUIDED in CREATING an ABUNDANT LIFE through that CONNECTION.

Hence the name…Dedicated to Changing 


Not sure where to start or what’s holding you back?

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