What A Difference A Bit Of Gratitude Makes

What A Difference A Bit Of Gratitude Makes Gratitude can be simply broken down to appreciating the good things in your life. It doesn’t always seem simple, though. When things are hectic or stressful, finding the silver lining can be … Read More

The Spiritual Power Of Gratitude

In a world filled with materialistic possessions, it is an often scene to see people showing some displays of ungratefulness for things that other people do to them. However, the spiritual power of gratitude can change everything. Especially today that … Read More

Meditation Myths

Meditation. I’ll bet twenty bucks that you would envision sitting cross legged on the floor, with eyes closed, and a soft “Om” sound coming from your mouth. Well that is not really untrue when doing meditation, but it is not … Read More

The Ten Principles of Prosperity

Whatever I believe in will come to pass. Whatever I focus my attention on will expand. As I think prosperous thoughts, I become more prosperous. My prosperous thoughts always precede the manifestation of my prosperity. My prosperity can bless everyone … Read More

Meditation Made Easy!

Studies have shown meditation to be a practice of enormous benefit to the body mind spirit. It is restorative to the body: it balances our nervous system, enhances immune function, normalizes body chemistry and promotes harmony and coherence in the … Read More

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