Possibilities are Endless When You Live with Intention!


Energy unconnected does nothing; it is only when it is used, properly directed, that it accomplishes things. SOM pg. 315

Do you have a desire that you long to fulfill? Is there a special goal or achievement that you have set your heart on accomplishing?

Within you, there is a special gift or ability, a talent or contribution that you feel a yearning to express.

You are here to create. You are an outlet for Infinite Intelligence. Yet, you have not fully expressed your gift! Why is that?

The energy of LIFE, which is the basic building material of all manifestation, is constantly active and available to you. It is always there to be harnessed. Just as the sun’s rays can be converted to electrical power, you can use the energy of LIFE to accomplish your heart’s desire.

However, to use this energy toward a specific end, you must direct it. You must set a conscious intention. Declare your intention, and anchor it with a strong conviction that is certain to be realized. Then, be willing to take any actions you feel guided to take. TRUST and take them! Doing these action steps is the key to bringing forth your unique gifts to the world.

If you feel adrift on the ocean of life and unfulfilled, let this feeling serve as a wake-up call to you to begin to live with intentions that are consciously set and declared. A satisfying and meaningful life is one that is directed with intention.

It could not happen that God could create a spiritual entity such as you are, without having a special purpose in view, and this means that there is a special and particular place in it for you. Emment Fox

Are you ready to move your Life & Business forward?

Dedicated To Your Success,

Christy – Holistic Life Path Coach

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