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Tony, we don’t mean to scare you, but there’s a spider right behind your back! The respectable man in his late forties, the manager of the store, jumps to his feet and frantically looks for the spider. The spider turns out to be very small –barely a hatchling, but to the great delight of the chuckling employees, most of whom are still in their teens, the meeting doesn’t resume until the itsy-bitsy spider is caught and well, extinguished.

I am sure you have met at least one person who, regardless of their age and experience, harbor some unexplainable phobia that causes unnecessary stress and makes the person feel inadequate at its mildest – yet despite their best efforts they are unable to rationalize their way out of this impediment.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) –  Is a unique and effective tool in dealing with phobias. This gentle approach of EFT does not require the person to toughen it up and face the phobia straight on. Lulling the subconscious into releasing the grip on the fear, EFT then allows the phobia gradually yet quickly be released.
The whole process takes only minutes to be erased from our emotional memory. Tony, in this case, would still remember panicking at the sight of or merely the thought of a spider, but by applying EFT, the memory will lose it’s emotional charge and leave instead a healthy respect for spiders.

The gentleness of the method also makes it suitable for dealing with unexplainable fears in children.  Children love doing EFT – it’s easy, it’s fun, and they learn very quickly to apply it on their own in any situation where they are challenged with something out of their control – which, quite honestly, is just about anything.

The beauty of EFT being applied with children is that children don’t know yet that what affects them is tough irrational fear or, say,  a very complicated psychological issue as bed wetting – so the typical for adults rationalizing of the problem is not getting in the way, allowing the soft and effective shortcut  directly to the core of the issue.

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Article by Natasha Petranis Yushanov  a holistic practitioner at Reflexology & More Wellness Center

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Natasha is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Ni Kawa Master Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique and Quantum Entrainment (healing through pure awareness) practitioner.