Want to Live Your Dream? The Key is to See it with Clarity and Know it’s a Living Idea!

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I’ve been in many situations in my life when I’ve reached a point where “I knew I’ve done all that I could possibly figure out to do.”

And this, my friend, is a wonderfully freeing place to be. Why? Because it is there that you simply have an opportunity to slow down, take a breath and connect with your highest vision of yourself.

I have served many things in my life … I have served a 40 hr. work week and built a business to generate income, I have served individual people to find love and approval, and I’ve serviced my own personal desires to receive material goods. After a period of time, I realized that in every situation where my intention was other than serving the One, I became very angry, depressed, frustrated and burned out.

Much of the problem lies in getting too far out into the future by trying to “make things happen.” We tend to push forward because we believe we should, rather than really getting to the heart of the matter.

Dr. Holmes, founder of Science of Mind refers to, “illness (mental or physical) as something that is not an entity and, therefore, requires energy form the individual in order to exist.” And so it is with every aspect of our lives.

Every one of the circumstance I mentioned above required energy from an outside source. That outside source was my energy! It was me, trying to make things happen and in turn becoming a very angry and frustrated person.

The good news is I’ve discovered that when we serve the One (call IT what you choose), we are serving a “Living Idea in Universal Mind.” Because it is a Living Idea, it is self-energized and does not require energy from outside sources in order to evolve.

Now I test whether an idea is “living” or not. After it is up and running for a while, I put it on autopilot and leave it alone. When I return, and if it is still there and thriving I know that it’s existence is not dependent upon me, and , therefore, it is being fed by something greater. I have done this with my marriage, my business, relationships, and yes, even my health.

This is an exercise I do to weak myself up. A Living Idea in Universal Mind always inspires, motivates, and energized me. A living idea in the mind of Christy often does the same, but it is never sustainable without me feeding it. It isn’t that one is right and one is wrong – it’s simply that one is sustainable and one is limited. This is  why  I serve the ONE! It makes my life so much more enjoyable and pays off in BIG WAYS!

Now when I start my day,  I am one with perfect action. Everything that I think, say and do is accelerated into action through this right understanding and this correct knowing.

I am dedicated to changing lives by assisting people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers to move their life and business forward through personal growth and self-healing.

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