Before Your Were Born…

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IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT a time before your birth when you were wandering the heavens as a dis-incarnate soul. You were immersed in the beauty, peace, and harmony of paradise when a call went out for volunteers to incarnate in bodily, human form. A small blue planet in the far reaches of the galaxy was experiencing a crisis and was in need of souls who were willing to incarnate in a human body to help the Earth in time of need.

You made the decision to volunteer. You next met with the Incarnation Committee to discuss with its members the part you wanted to play and the work you wanted to do. You made a covenant at that time to do the work you agreed to do. But there was a catch: Not only were you to serve, you were also required to grow. It was your job to increase the intensity of your light and to grow in wisdom and in stature as well as to serve. You next had to make a series of decisions that would perfectly situate you to be of maximum service and to develop a custom-designed learning curriculum for your soul to assure its maximum learning potential.

  • You had to decide what particular set of gifts, talents, and abilities you wished to bring with you to contribute to life on Earth and to the human family.
  • The dreams and aspirations that would lead you to your destiny to fulfill your earthly covenant.
  • A date of birth determining an astrological configuration that would give you clues to your soul’s earthly purpose and destiny.
  • A place on Earth, a climatic zone, a region in which to reside; a racial and ethic form that would enable you to best express yourself.
  • A socioeconomic class that would provide you with the challenges and benefits you need in order to learn and serve.
  • A spiritual tradition with its particular set of rituals and practices that would support you.
  • A gender with its attendant opportunities and challenges.
  • A particular set of parents that would provide you with their particular strengths, with qualities that you could draw upon and with a designed set of difficulties that you would experience with them in order to learn, grow, and to prepare you for the service that you are to perform.
  • Your siblings and your relationship to them in age, plus the companionship and the conflicts with them that would provide you with important lessons and resources.
  • And finally a name for yourself.

Once these decisions were made, you were free to incarnate and begin your earthly mission, forgetting all that went on before, but with time, you would slowly but surely begin to rediscover why you are here and how wisely you chose because every factor in your life has perfectly positioned you for the service you are to perform and has maximized your potential for learning and growing.

A guided Imagery, by Dr. Carol Woman

I invite you to ponder this story. I truly believe we are here to serve, grow and allow God to express through us. People despite all of their accomplishments and achievements begin to question the meaning and purpose of their lives.  We are always being asked to remember our divine nature and our spiritual commitment. Do you know who you are and why you’re here? Are you in crisis, have an illness, a challenge, or at a crossroad in your life? Amidst all of the turbulence in our lives and the world, we are asked to remain clear and centered and to become, (Gary Simmons in The I of the Storm) spiritual warriors. We are asked to be channels of light, love, and healing.

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