What the Body Needs for Greater Health and Wellness

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The body has its own wisdom. Natural Health philosophy says the body will heal itself if given what it needs. Here are 7 essentials for optimum health and healing.

1.) Wholesome Foods

2.) Fresh Air

3.) Pure Water

4.) Sun Light

5.) Exercise

6.) Rest

7.) Harmonious Relationships

Many things in our environment have the potential of creating an imbalance in us.

Of the 7 essentials listed above, a lack of any of them can disrupt the balance in our body mind field and therefore cause dis ease.

Of the 7 essentials listed above, harmonious relationships are the most unrecognized for causing illness. We do not often think of inharmonious relations as making us sick, but they can. The relationships of which we speak are not only human relations, but also our relationship to: our self, others in general, life itself, our spiritual beliefs, our ability to be successful and happy, and our ability to find pleasure and contentment in life.


Our emotions can put invisible stresses on the body. Emotional stress causes the secretion of toxic chemicals into the body, which can create imbalance in the human energy field. These toxins can affect every body system.

Stress is directly related to all illnesses an estimated 75 – 90 percent of the time.  Many studies have related stress in the body to illness. It is linked to cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, skin, endocrine, and immune system disorders, cancers, and much more. Here is some better news. There are some very affective ways of reducing stress and thereby preventing illness, and assisting in the healing process.

There is clinical evidence that holistic modalities like meditation, visualization, prayer, spiritual energy work, Bioenergy work and others are affective at relieving stress and stress-related illness. In study after study, when cardiac patients, for example, are taught to meditate, their risks for another cardiac event are reduced by as much as 40 – 60 percent. It is no wonder then why health professionals from all fields are recommending some form of stress reduction to their clients.

Our essential wellness comes from within. What the body needs is harmony and coherence on the levels of body mind and spirit. When we give it that, the body’s own innate wisdom will rejuvenate and protect it and maintain its natural state of health and wellbeing.

Dr. Carol Winkfield, PhD is a researcher and practitioner of Natural Health. She assists individuals and groups in finding natural solutions for health and healing. Her Practice is in Dayton Ohio. Her website is Healing The Natural Way

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