The Terror Barrier by Bob Proctor

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The first ten years of my stay here on Planet Earth were spent in Owen Sound, Ontario. I can vividly remember the hot summer day I was taken by an older member of my family to Harrison Park where there was a fine swimming pool. The older kids were going up the ladder and jumping or diving off the high diving board. They were having a great time. Wanting to be accepted by the older kids, I too went up the ladder, reluctantly, but I climbed it.

I will never forget the terror that gripped my mind and body when I looked down. Their coaxing did absolutely no good. There was no way I was going off that board. I climbed back down the ladder.

That was the first time in my life that I can recall coming up against the Terror Barrier. I not only lost out on the excitement and thrill that would have been gained by jumping. I lost a little self-respect also.

If you think hard enough, you will recall the first time you came face to face with the Terror Barrier. You either stepped through it to freedom or back into bondage, imprisoned by your own fears.

I continued to step back from anything I truly feared until I was twenty-six years of age. Then with the encouragement of a caring person, I said “no more” and I have been free ever since.

Bob Proctor

The Terror Barrier has come up for me many times in the past. However, what I know now is, I don’t walk alone. I am in partnership with the Divine.

Is that Terror Barrier holding you back?

What’s holding you back from realizing your dreams – You know the saying “Only thing to fear is fear itself.”

If you have crashed through a barrier and would like to share your story please feel free!

Are you ready to move your life forward?

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