The Shocking Truth about You and Your Paycheck!

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Wage Slave or Safe and Secure?

Here’s a fact for you: Most people think having a job is the safe and secure financial option. THINK AGAIN! How many of you are still looking for work? I’ve been laid off now, for over 10 years! I never did find a job in my career field of drafting and design. I even went so far as to go back to the school I graduated from, ITT Tech. They pretty much laughed in my face. And get this! I was the first female to graduate from there. The joke was on me!

We’ve been taught since we were children that we need to do well in school, get good grades, and get a safe and secure job. If we do that, the story goes, we will have succeeded in life. The only trouble is, it’s no longer possible! I was a 46 year old female in the man’s field of drafting and design. Do you really think someone was going to hire me?

This myth of the high-earning respected employee with a job he or she can rely on keeps people TRAPPED every day of their lives. Schools teach us to be “wage slaves”, telling us how to work for other people, and how to write a Résumé in the hope someone will hire us.

“Fortune Favors The Brave” – PUBLIUS TERENTIUS AFER (“TERENCE”)

In the short term a job might be safer than starting your own business or joining a Network Marketing organization, but only if you need some cash reliably for a couple of months, perhaps a year. But as a long term money-earning strategy a job is unwise.

Is a job safer than your own Network Marketing business? No way. Let’s do a quick ‘Freedom Test’.

1.) Does an employee have complete control over how much they earn?

Not a chance. If you don’t believe me, test it. Walk up to your boss and ask him/her for a 20% salary increase. See what happens. My guess? Laughter…

2.) Does someone in network marketing have complete control over how much money they earn?

Absolutely. Your only limits are those you set for yourself. If you want a pay increase, go out there and get it. The only person you need permission from is the reflection in the bathroom mirror.

4.) Does an employee have control over their financial future?

No chance. What if your boss decided to fire you tomorrow? Unforeseen circumstances. Bad economy. Layoffs. No employee can be even 50% certain that they’re immune to the axe. With corporations tightening their belts the only thing you can rely on are your wits and your ability to create.

5.) Does a network marketer have control over their financial future?

Absolutely. How much you earn is nobody’s decision but your own. Whether you deserve a pay rise is all up to you, because there’s nobody to ask for permission.

You see, it’s all about control. Who controls the rope attached to the guillotine hanging above your pay check? Do you trust your boss to never let go of that rope, or would you prefer to keep it in your own hands.

A network marketer is building something big, has no chance of getting fired, can choose their own hours, and has no ceiling on the amount of money they can earn. Heck…you even get to work with the people you want to work with. Not someone your forced to. Is it hard work? Yes, anything worth having will take work. Can anyone do this business? Yes, but some won’t! Why? Because, they won’t take the time to believe in themselves.

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