Respect Your Subconscious Mind and Release Your Creativity!

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If your reality is starting to appear a little stagnant, or you feel like you’re "spinning your wheels" and not getting any closer to your goals, it might be time to take a step back for a different view of things. A healthy perspective reminds us of what we’re working toward and how we need to get there – with competence and confidence. We all get stuck on ideas sometimes, and since many of our jobs depend on a certain level of creative output, a creativity block is something we all dreaded.

Sometimes when the conscious mind is really stuck, it’s okay (and sometimes necessary) to take time off from whatever project you’re working on and just go do something else. The more unproductive response is to keep throwing your mind at it, even if it’s getting you nowhere. Try to remember that as long as you’re not on a tight deadline, it’s okay to get stuck sometimes.

Take a break! Go for a walk, call a friend! Some times, I even take what I call, a ME DAY. Whatever you do, take your mind off the task at hand for the moment and return later with a fresh perspective. If you have one unproductive day among many fruitful ones, then give yourself permission to relax a little. Don’t measure the entirety of your success based on one bad day. Another benefit of taking a break from an overwhelming project is that you never know when a great idea will hit you while you’re doing something totally unrelated. Oftentimes, if you just step away from the project for a bit, the creativity block will clear up and the ideas will flow anew.

Take ten minutes a day for yourself. Learn to be in the quietness of your own being. Make time for your mind to wander. Feel yourself surrounded by infinite abundance, joy and happiness. These feelings manifest as conditions. Know that you are supplied with every good and worthwhile thing. This can be a huge stimulus to your growth! New experiences allow me to enrich my life

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to Self-Empowerment, Increased Prosperity and Wellness.


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