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Most people fool themselves into thinking that having a full-time job gives them financial security. The fact is that while you are perfectly stable and comfortable all the time you have a job, eventually things change. We saw this during the worst moments of the recent recession, and repeatedly throughout the last two centuries of business!

Profits go down, costs go up, or the company simply downsizes or moves, and then you are out of work. In addition, the worst thing of all, you have no control over when or if this will happen.

One minute you have a “safe” job and the next you are panicking about how to pay the bills next month.

However, some people are not in this situation, the home business owners have a safety net in the form of a profitable part-time business. This could include earning money online, joining network marketing team, or even creating your own product to sell. Even if home business owners have another full time job, which many do, they do not have to worry about the bills because their job is not their only source of income.

It is true that the recent recession showed how precarious it could be to rely on one source of income. So many people lost their jobs (me included) and ended up in real financial difficulty, but those who also had their own businesses did not have the same worries as people who relied solely on one job. Your co-workers might well panic about losing their jobs because they know they will not have any income if they do. However, you will be in a completely different situation because you have started to build up a cash flow from your own part-time (or even spare-time) business. Just imagine how much security and peace of mind that will give you!

Everyone around you will be stressing about job cuts and unemployment as you smile to yourself, safe in the knowledge that your income is secure. Some people have even volunteered for redundancies because of this, getting higher redundancy payments in the process!

The other great thing about building up a part-time business from home, other than vastly reducing the amount of stress you would feel, is that you would be able to earn money around the clock. Imagine going to work, or going to sleep at night, or even going to the movies, and earning money from your business the entire time. It is a GREAT feeling.

A home business is also a lot more flexible than a regular job, and there is no ceiling on what you can earn either. With a job, you need to turn up at a specific time, eat your lunch at a specific time, and do as you are told (wow, sounds like junior school). Then, even worse, your employer pays you what THEY think your time is worth!

It is time to increase your income and stop worrying about unemployment. The sooner you start your own home business, the sooner you will reduce the job stress you are currently feeling.

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