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Are You Ready To Make A Plan To Keep Your Happiness Going?

It is hard to believe it has been 30 days since we started this Happiness Challenge together. We covered a lot of ground and if you followed along with the tips I shared and made an effort to improve your mood, your gratitude, and your joy, I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of progress and growth. Are you ready to make a plan to keep your happiness going? I hope so.

Let’s take a minute and look back at everything we’ve covered so far this month:

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  1. Welcome And Are You Choosing To Be Happy Challenge? 
  2. Ready To Commit To Being Happy?   
  3. What Makes You Happy?
  4. Do You Start Your Day With Gratitude?  
  5. The Connection Between Doing Stuff And Happiness 
  6. Stress Kills Happiness – Easy Ways To Destress
  7. Exercise and Happiness, Really? 
  8. We Crave Human Connections
  9. Don’t want all the small things annoying you, read on!
  10. Are You Finding Happiness? 
  11. Fighting Against Our Brain’s Bias To Negativity!  
  12. Do You Have A Happy Support System?
  13. You Snooze, You Don’t Lose, You Win! 
  14. Boost Your Confidence And Become Happier   
  15. Would it not be nice to make someone’s day?
  16. You Can Fake Happiness!
  17. Are You Keeping A Journal?
  18. What Do You Do, When You Have A Bad Day? 
  19. Don’t Worry – Be Happy 
  20. We’re Born to Communicate! 
  21. Do You Believe That Giving Back Makes Us Happier? 
  22. Meditating Your Way To A Happier You!  
  23. Would It Not Be Nice To Trade Things For Experiences? 
  24. Can Simplicity Bring You Happiness?
  25. Here’s The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing Right Now!
  26. What’s Food Got To Do With Happiness?
  27. Sometimes You Need To Treat Yourself And Spend Some “Me Time” 
  28. Really! Happiness Is Contagious!
  29. The Million Dollar Question Is “Do You Feel Happy?”

I hope you’ve been following along and enjoyed this happiness challenge. It’s amazing what will happen when you start to pay attention to how you feel and do what you can to increase your happiness and of those around you. I hope you have found some tools, techniques, tips, and ideas that have helped you increase the joy in your life.

Where do you go from here? You keep implementing and continue to practice being happy regularly. Remember the Happiness Journal I talked about back on day 17? It’s an excellent tool you can use to keep yourself on track.

Keep coming back to these posts as needed. It may not be a bad idea to bookmark this post as a quick reference tool. Above all, keep learning, keep smiling, and keep growing your joy and happiness.


To Living Your Best Life,