Is Your Next Diet Coach At Your Supermarket?

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There is an increasing awareness around the country about diet and nutrition.
Perhaps it is due to television talk shows or maybe it has something to do with the obesity epidemic. Regardless, more and more businesses are stepping up and offering solutions.

One example is the supermarket industry.

Many grocery stores are offering health advice and services. Across supermarket
chains both big and small, and even in the mom and pop markets, you’ll find services
and features to help customers eat healthier and lose weight.

What’s Available?

There are actually a wide variety of services now available at many grocery stores
and supermarkets. They range from dieticians to points systems so consumers can make
smart food buying decisions.


Many stores now offer consultations with nutritionists and dieticians. For example,
King Soopers, part of the Kroger chain, offers dieticians you can consult with via
email or over the phone. A dietician is a nutrition specialist. Most dieticians have
a degree in nutrition and this is important.

Dieticians aren’t regulated so make sure any dietician that you seek advice from is
qualified to give it. On the Kind Soopers website they provide biographies and education
for their dieticians so you can be sure you’re speaking to a qualified professional. If
you’re using another service, ask about their education.

Points and Rating Systems

Other supermarkets and grocery store chains have points systems. They assign point so
various foods and the information is listed next to the price on the shelf. For example,
a box of whole wheat pasta may be an 86 and a box of semolina pasta may be a 40. The higher the number the more nutritional value the food has. It makes it easy for consumers to make good buying decisions.

Data and Information

In many stores you can also find small medical centers. They’re often unsupervised so
you’re on your own to use the equipment but it’s often easy to use. You can learn your:

• Blood Pressure

• Heart rate

• Weight

• Body composition (Body Fat Analysis)

• Body mass index (BMI)

That’s all helpful information in the quest to lose weight and get healthy.

Menu Planning and Tips

Many other stores offer information both online and in the store to help you plan and
cook healthier meals. You’ll find information on:

* How to stock a healthier pantry

* How to cook with whole grains

* How to take healthier lunches to work

* How to get your kids to eat more vegetables.

* And of course many stores now have newsletters with healthy recipes and meal ideas.

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