Cultivating Healing Through The Spirit of Love

Embracing Generosity and the Joy of Service

Someone who cultivates healing of self and others through the Spirit of Love; knows that Love is the only true power there is. And Gratitude is at the heart of love and those who cultivate gratitude celebrate everyday in the giving of their gifts in service. It is said, that the only people who are truly happy are those who serve.

Cultivating Healing of Self and Others through the Spirit of Love:

As a Holistic Life & Business Coach, I know how important it is to heal ones self before you can truly heal another. Through my spiritual practice of prayer, meditation and spiritual study I have come to understand that there is only One Power, One Mind and One Presence which is Infinite Spirit manifesting through each of us. I have also learned that the most potent antidote’s for healing are the energies of love and forgiveness. No matter what healing modality is used for an example…Reiki, hands on healing, faith healing, healing touch, etc. the power that is used is God’s Love flowing through us. Our greatest satisfaction will come when we realize that such a Power exists and we are one with It. Jesus demonstrated this by his healing power which touched people into wholeness.

My practice is based on a holistic model of working with, Spirit – Mind – Body. I know that we are a three-fold being and I work with my clients on all three levels: I help them to discover who they are, how to identify and clarify what they desire most, and help them to create and develop an action plan to achieve their desires.

As I cultivate this Love within me. I can assist my customers, clients and business partners in their personal quest for a better life.

Gratitude is the doorway to love and those who cultivate gratitude celebrate everyday.

The process of change does not occur on superficial level’s, through mere “positive thinking.” It involves exploring, discovering, and changing our deepest, most basic attitudes toward life. Gratitude is the fertile soil from which all blessings manifest. And we must acknowledge the good that is already in our life…this is the foundation for all abundance. It was in-Spirit that my purpose was laid out and it’s in-Spirit where my magnificence is absolute. I am learning to surrender all ego-identification and choosing to live in-Spirit. listening heart, a faith-filled heart. How can I be a leader without faith and gratitude in a Higher Power or have a better future built on better ways? Life is full of opportunities to celebrate, and I don’t want to miss any of them.

I used to wait to see the blessing and then give thanks for it. Now I realize that all I need is already present, whether I can see it or not; when I give thanks for my good it becomes visible.

The Joy of Service is to Give of my Gifts:

SOM pg. 193 – The imagination is creative; the will is directive.

You can lay all the groundwork you want in the physical, but if you do not believe in the outcome or if you cannot imagine yourself in that outcome, it will not come to pass. The most powerful moment of creation is in consciousness, just before the – thing is manifested into the physical plane. This is valuable information for it teaches us the importance of the work that is done in the stillness of meditation. We came here to live inspired, passionate and purposeful lives. We are here to be joyous, to love, and to give our gifts. I know now, that when I step out and give the gifts I came here with, that the universe will support me 100 percent. My passion and zest for life is being filled from the inside out. I see myself living my dream, and my divine purpose for being is fulfilled in the here and now and not in the future.

I serve others, knowing that service is a circle. When I serve others, I, too, shall be served. The problems I have found are one: most people don’t know what they want, two: they don’t know how to ask or afraid to ask for what they want and three: they don’t believe…or have the faith within themselves or a Higher Power to receive what they want.

My Passions Are To:

1.)      Help others in their personal quests

2.)      Teaching in the Metaphysical Field

3.)      Teaching Business and the Truth Principles of Network Marketing.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to Self-Empowerment, Increased Prosperity and Wellness.


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