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Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Emotional Well-being

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Emotional Well-being

On its most basic, aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice that involves the use of volatile plant oils, commonly known as essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being.  Although it is not considered as a miracle cure for serious emotional conditions, it is mainly the use of aromatherapy essential oils that can aid with certain emotional issues as it may enhance the emotional outlook and give support and balance the emotions during the day.  This is the main reason that when someone thinks of the term “aromatherapy”, the use of the aromatherapy essential oils for emotional well-being is what often first thought.

The aromatherapy essential oils are basically composed of naturally occurring chemicals that function and work as a whole.  Since they evaporate quickly, hence known as volatile, the molecules of the aromatherapy essential oils are easily and quickly taken through inhalation.   It is the inhalation of these naturally occurring bonded chemicals that triggers out brain to react which then effects our emotions.  Certain studies even found out that the inhalation of these molecules also gives physical benefit which may also function together to assist in our emotional state.

One particular aromatherapy essential oil that is potent to affect our emotions is the sweet orange.  According to certain studies, the fragrance of sweet orange greatly aids to provide emotional balance, bringing on a positive viewpoint.   The sweet orange is a wonderful aromatherapy essential oil that can be applied alone or in a blend, specifically for those winter blues that often occur in the colder and grayer periods of the year.  Aside from that, the aroma of sweet orange oil can also be blended nicely with a number of aromatherapy essential oils as it promotes added advantage of being one of the highly affordable aromatherapy essential oils.  And, just like the lavender oil, this aromatherapy essential oil is regarded as one of the safest aromatherapy essential oils to employ.

Not all aromatherapy essential oils have the same level of emotional benefits for all sorts of persons.  Several studies have found out that past memories related with certain aromas can have a positive or negative effect not only emotionally, but physically as well.  It is basically in this sense that it is practically needed to follow all safety guidelines as well as safety issues regarding a particular aromatherapy essential oil before opting for one.  And, perhaps the best move to take is to consider any list of aromatherapy essential oils applied for emotional well-being as a starting point and only use those oils that bring about the result that you long desire.