6 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Many of us begin projects or set goals only to get detoured or bogged down by other things in our lives. Distractions can be as simple as a cluttered living room or as complicated as a bad breakup.


Here are a few ways to simplify your life so that nothing stands between you and your goals:

1. Make Time For You.

Set aside some time each day that is just for you. Start with 15 minutes a day if that’s all you have. Turn off your phone, lock the door – do whatever it takes, as long as you’re creating a space where you can focus on yourself. Meditate, pray, journal, or just sit in silence. That time is yours to do with what you want.

2. Clear Your Mind.

Empty your brain of your internal “to-do” list and emotional baggage. A life coach can help you verbalize all the things you need to do and the feelings that go along with that. Lighten your mental load by writing down the things that are taking up space in your mind.

3. Stay Away From Energy Vampires.

Eliminate the relationships that are sucking the energy out of you. Even if they are family members, take steps to limit your time with them and set boundaries around what activities you do with them. Think about who is helping you and who is dragging you down. Who makes you feel supported and energized? Who is eating up your time and energy and giving nothing in return? Hang on to people who add value to your life, and avoid people who are toxic.

4. Let Go Of Emotional Baggage.

Get closure on the past and on relationships that have weighed down your spirit. Forgive and forget. Call that person up or write them a letter – just do whatever it takes to help you let it go. Why continue to rob yourself of tomorrow by being stuck in yesterday?

5. Learn To Say NO.

It was probably one of the first words you learned as a baby, so why is it so difficult to say now? This is your life, your time, and your energy; and you have the absolute right to say no to people, without an explanation. On the other side of that coin, if you don’t have time to bake 50 cupcakes for your child’s school bake sale, then don’t volunteer!

6. Clean and De-Clutter.

A big part of simplifying your life is de-cluttering your environment. Start with one small area like the kitchen counter or junk drawer and move on to other spaces. A clean and clutter-free home/office/car will give you one less thing on your “to do” list, thus, one less thing to stress out about. For many of us, when our surroundings are in disarray, our minds are in disarray as well.

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