Erin Caldwell

April 30, 2016

Erin Caldwell

Huber Heights, Oh

RE: Christy Johnson

This letter is to serve as reference for Christy Johnson and to attest to my having experienced her ability to both help and heal those around her. I first became acquainted with Christy as a meditation instructor. Her calm manner as well as her obvious desire to help meet the needs of each individual in our small group created a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Christy introduced herself and in so doing we learned of her background in Reiki and healing.

To begin one evening’s meditation she shared a few moments of Reiki with each of us. A definite impression was made upon me. I had sought out a meditation group because of an overwhelming need to find a point of calm and center in my life, something that would alleviate some of the intellectual, emotional and spiritual fogginess that seemed to surround me and to help my life regain its balance.

After experiencing this small moment of Reiki with Christy and the peace and energy that flowed with it I made it a point to speak with her to determine whether or not Reiki might help further the progress I was making with meditation. Though I had no real knowledge of Reiki I had become uncharacteristically comfortable with Christy in the short time I had known her.

Christy was very open, understanding and positive. My knowledge, or lack thereof, concerning Reiki seemed unimportant simply because I trusted her. Christy was both professional and caring when we met for my first Reiki session.

I was impressed by how carefully she discussed any health issues that were present, answered my questions and discussed what it was that I hoped to accomplish in the sessions.

I left the first session feeling that Christy was a miracle worker. The session was both calming and invigorating. I was able to get the first real sleep I’d had in months and felt much of the fog that had surrounded me lift.

I had three sessions with Christy and each left me with the knowledge that she had a true gift and talent for healing. I will continue to seek Christy out for her unique gift in healing.

I continue to meet with Christy for meditation group bimonthly. Here she also has a unique gift for feeling the need of the group and directing both our discussion and meditation toward what we most need.

I have left each session with distinct impressions and more clarity regarding questions or issues that were lingering in my mind prior to class. I leave these sessions renewed and with a greater desire to continue to make the time for meditation in my daily life. I leave feeling that I can bring the calm and acceptance into more areas of my life.

My own personal mediations are much more meaningful following a session with Christy. I try to model my personal meditation after the session we have with her and have shared many of her images with my two young sons and husband.

Christy has a rare gift, to heal, to help calm, to sense the needs of the individuals with which she is working and to have the kind of compassion that creates a true desire to help others. She is a truly remarkable individual.

With Regard, Erin Caldwell