Yes I Can

Spiritual Counseling…

Spiritual Counseling is a Holistic approach. So, let’s define Holistic first. It is the knowing, that Wholeness is a balance of Spirit, Mind and Body. Neglecting one aspect of Wholeness, is in effect, neglecting them all.

Until we awake to the fact that we are One in nature with Spirit, we shall not find the “Way of Life”.  Dr. Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind.

Rev. Coach Christy uses the following Modalities:

  1. Spiritual Counseling Session – You will come away with a stronger sense of who you are, why you are here, and how to align with your inner wisdom.
  2. Visioning  – Learn to live from the inside, out and from the top, down.
  3. Forgiveness and Release Work – Without it, you can’t move forward!
  4. Gratitude and Live Journaling – Now begins the REAL WORK.


Not sure where to start or what’s holding you back?

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